Our corporate goal has been to fill this gap, to maintain quality assurance for dispensed products by working closely with fuel suppliers and fuel consumers.



Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner is specifically formulated for Diesel, Petrol and Two-stroke fuel systems to clean gums, varnish and carbon deposits, disburse moisture, kill and disburse microbial material whilst increasing lubricity. With the removal of lead — which had prevented the airborne spores attracted to all fuels from germinating — the microbial growths found in diesel and oil were also found in petrol.

Fuel Doctor breaks fuel contaminants into sub-micron particles allowing them to pass safely and harmlessly through the fuel system to combustion, with no detrimental effects to fuel pumps, injectors catalytic converters or particulate filters.

This unique tool of trade, is compatible with all fuels. It is passive yet effective in reaching the inaccessible recesses within a tank. It successfully removes and minimises moisture, microbial growths and gums, enabling contaminated fuel to be de-contaminated and processed.

The by-products of Fuel Doctor’s formulation are increased thermal efficiency equating to a nominal increase in power, economy plus a decrease in particulate (unburnt fuel). Fuel Doctor will also stabilise and extend fuel storage life for up to twenty four months for petrol and five years for diesel.

The cleaning of Inaccessible fuel tanks in emergency generators, boats, earthmoving equipment and agricultural machinery over the past twenty-four years has kept us abreast of the ever-changing fuel quality, whilst providing the hands-on research and development necessary to ensure Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner meets the needs of all fuel consumers.

Consistent diligent attention to detail and hard work has given Fuel Doctors the technical edge in a very competitive industry.

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